The Jerte Picota cherry


What is a Picota?

It is a variety of cherry which is native to the Valley of Jerte, in northern Extremadura, where it has traditionally been cultivated since the XVII century.

This cherry is the most appreciated one for its taste and high quality.

It is characterized by the lack of stalk, which remains on the branches during the harvesting.
They are grown using traditional methods among mountains of over 6,000 feet, on fertile soil, watered by crystal-clear streams and in the purest air.

When they are at optimum ripeness, they are hand-picked using chestnut baskets, following age-old traditions.

Then, the Jerte Picotas are sorted one-by-one at the foot of the tree.

picota del jerte

How to recognize them?

Because they have no stalk. It remains on the branches during the hand-picking.

They are of slightly smaller calibre than other cherries.
It is sweeter and firmer and a deep red.
It is the cherry of highest quality, the most sought after for its taste.
Only the authentic ones bear the quality seal of Protected Denomination of Origin Cereza del Jerte.

You will find them in your shops in July and August

They are Picotas with a Passport

The best Jerte Picotas are selected and recognized by seal of quality of D.O.P Cereza del Jerte, which guarantees their origin and that they are of authentic variety.