Jerte Cherries

More than one hundred varieties of cherries are grown in Jerte Valley.

Of all of them, only five native varieties have the quality seal of Denomination of Origin “Cereza del Jerte”. These are Jerte Cherries and Jerte Picota Cherries.

Besides distinguishing itself for its flavor, the most visible characteristic of Jerte Picota cherries is that it is placed on the marketed without a stalk. It remains attached to the cherry tree during harvesting.
There are four varieties of Jerte Picota cherry: Ambrunés, Pico Colorado, Pico Negro and Pico Limón Negro. You will find more information on their characteristics on this website, in the The Jerte Picota Cherry section.

Regarding Jerte cherries with quality sean, there is only one variety with stalk certified by the Board of the Denomination of Origin “Cereza del Jerte”: the Navalinda cherry.

Navalinda variety certified Jerte cherries reach the market between May and June. It is earlier than Jerte Picota cherries and they are grown in the villages of Navaconcejo, Valdastillas, Rebollar, Cabrero, Casas del Castañar and El Torno. All in the Jerte Valley.

The caliber of Navalinda Jerte cherries is greater than that of the Jerte Picota cherries. It is around 28 mm. However, like the previous ones, Navalinda Jerte cherries are sweet and crunchy.

All Jerte cherries with their quality seal are cultivated in an artisanal way.

Therefore, they are a natural crop, whose traditional collection and treatment multiply their properties. Additionally, they reach the market at the optimum time for consumption.

They are rich in flavonoids, trace-elements and vitamins. They grow between mountains, irrigated by streams of crystal clear wáter, and are picked by hand in chestnut baskets. A secular tradition in the Jerte Valley.