Doesn’t only taste great, they are also very healthy. Jerte Picota cherries are a nutritious food, which helps our body maintain the balance it needs. They contain flavonoids, vitamins and trace-elements, and are a powerful antioxidant. Therefore, among the benefits of cherries are the following:

Benefits of cherries for stress and insomnia

The cherries from Jerte Valley, in Spain, have high levels of tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin, according to the University of Extremadura. These elements make them an effective enhancer of the immune system and confer them properties to regulate the mood and the sleep cycle. Therefore, Jerte cherries help you to be in a good mood, during the day, and to sleep better, at night.

Diuretics and depuratives

Their content in oligoelements and potassium also gives cherries an important diuretic and depurative power. They are effective for the elimination of liquids and help to reduce the sensation of hunger. Likewise, their natural acids stimulate the digestive glands and their pectin content – soluble plant fiber – has a laxative effect.

Preventing Anemia

Thanks to their highest mineral content, cherries are a food that helps prevent various types of anemia.

Allies against aging

Thanks to their rich content in flavonoids, as well as in vitamins A and C, Jerte Picota cherries are also a powerful antioxidant, which helps fight cell aging.

Vitamins for skin and hair

Jerte Picota cherries also help to fix the water in the cells of the body due to the antioxidant elements and mineral salts they contain. Therefore, these cherries are a moisturizing supplement for skin and hair. Also, they protect us from free radicals, providing luminosity to the skin. And, finally, they are an important source of vitamins, C, B and A.

For urinary problems

Among the benefits of cherries are also their diuretic and depurative properties. Therefore, they are beneficial for patients with inflammation, infections or urinary tract stones.

Natural toning

Cherries also contain trace-elements and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium or cobalt. Therefore, they have remineralizing and toning effects for the body. Others of the properties of cherries are that they favor circulation and are beneficial for cellulite.

Natural anti-inflammatory

Another of the benefits of cherries can be found in their anti-inflammatory properties. By containing polyphenols, cherries help control inflammation and, therefore, pain. Especially when taking them into juice. Equally, thanks to anthocyanins, they eliminate uric acid, which gives them a certain analgesic and depurative power.

Helping the heart

Jerte Picota cherries -for their low-fat content, their antioxidant effect, their anti-inflammatory power and their capacities to improve cholesterol levels- also contribute to prevent certain cardiovascular diseases.

Enjoy them!