With the Jerte Picota Cherry season in full swing, this Spanish fruit is proving to be very popular with chefs and restaurants. This summer, Jerte Picota worked with Ibérica at Victoria in London to show media attendees the many ways in which Jerte Picota Cherries can be cooked and presented.

Ibérica is one of the largest Spanish restaurant groups in the UK. It was founded with the aim of bringing an authentic Spanish experience to everyone who visit their restaurants, each designed to have its own personality.

Ibérica in Victoria hosted a dinner for media attendees with one of Ibérica’s Group Head Chefs, Luis Contreras, who created a menu incorporating Jerte Picota Cherries. The event began with a drinks reception where guests tasted the cherries with a glass of Cava in hand. Attendees were then taken through the bespoke menu that incorporated the sweet and juicy flavour of the Jerte Picota Cherry. The dishes were also paired with a variety of Spanish wines from small boutique wineries that are not available anywhere else in the UK apart from at Ibérica.

Below is the delicious menu from the event:

  • Picota cherries gazpacho with soft cheese ice cream, anchovy and mint
  • Pan seared tuna with almond cream
  • Ajoblanco and pickled Picota cherries
  • Ibérico grilled pork pluma with apple purée and Picota cherries sauce
  • Picota cherries crema Catalana foam
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