The Jerte Valley, in the north of Extremadura, Spain, is famous for its incredible cherry blossom of more than a million trees, dyed white, on the slopes of the valley. These beautiful flowers announce that the juicy and tasty Jerte Picota cherries will soon be harvested and ready for UK consumers to eat.

The cherry blossom does not happen at the same time every year. It usually depends on the weather conditions during the winter, but normally, they begin blossoming in the last 10 days of March and the first 10 days of April and last for about two weeks.

Spain celebrates this explosion of colours in the valley with the ‘Cherry Trees in Blossom’ Festival, which has been declared as a festivity of ‘National Tourist Interest’. This festival has been celebrated for more than 40 years as a moment of joy in which the farmer thanks and applauds the imminent arrival of the next harvest. This year, the festival starts on the 7th April.

Following a family tradition of centuries, hand grown cherry trees are grown on terraces carved into the high mountains of the Jerte Valley. Only in this unique area, with a privileged climate, can the best cherries from Spain and the Jerte Picota Cherry be grown.

This type of farming, which is passed on from generation to generation, has a significant impact on the quality, flavour and health benefits of the Picotas.

The Jerte Picotas are an exclusive and a 100% natural product distinguished by their taste and sweetness. They are the only cherries that come off the tree without a stalk. Their natural cultivation and their traditional collection and treatment increase their properties and allow them to reach markets at the best time for consumption.

These fruits are a source of health since they contain 8 vitamins, iron, magnesium and calcium, lots of antioxidants and fiber, plus they are low in calories.

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