Hands holding Jerte Picota cherries.

The end of the Jerte Picota Cherry season is near, and these special cherries from Spain will soon disappear from UK supermarket shelves. It won’t be long until fans begin to countdown to their return next June.

The Jerte Picota Cherry season lasts for approximately 6 weeks from the end of June until the beginning of August. Jerte Picota cherries are 100% natural and grown with no additives, which makes them the perfect fruit to enjoy during the peak of the summer season.

Jerte Picota cherries are grown on terraces carved out of the mountains in the Jerte Valley, among crystal-clear springs and pure air. Only this location, with a privileged microclimate, could grow the best cherries from Spain. The cherries were slightly delayed this year due to severe winter conditions, but the spring rains helped provide a good harvest. Jerte Picota cherries are handpicked, and after careful selection according to strict quality control, only the best ones are identified and given the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) seal.

With their sweet taste and unique stalkless appearance, Jerte Picota cherries are loved all over the UK and continue to grow in demand.

In the final days of the season, Jerte Picota recommends the following ways for fans to enjoy these deliciously sweet cherries:

  • Buy a punnet and enjoy them on a summer picnic
  • Use them in a favourite pastry recipe – they’re perfect in muffins and scones
  • Add them to a cocktail, especially fruit-based drinks such as Pimm’s
  • Diffuse them in water for a hint of sweetness
  • Add them to a summer salad with goat’s cheese and walnuts

Make sure to keep an eye out for Jerte Picota cherries before they’re gone!

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